Yesterday turned out great!! Hats off to everyone that made it happen!! Every restaurant and gas station was full off bikes!! Hopefully council sees how important that is!!!

Thumbs up 👍👍👍👍 to everyone involved in the great trails we have had this winter.. We understand everyone is doing there best!!

keep up the great work!! The trail system is better than it has been in a while!!

October 18, 2015

This will be our first event of the season.  Come see all of the new things we have been working on.

March 6th 2016 Breakfast


Thank you to everyone who came out to the brunch at the legion yesterday! We raised an impressive $1091.75 for the Char Lan Skating Club !!!!

We had a visit from our MP Guy Lauzon who sat and had breakfast with some of the members and guests...very nice to see.

To the volunteers who served, cleaned, cooked and did dishes...GREAT JOB and thank you for helping make it a success for the club.

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST....Bill Bressee at the legion in Lancaster, without him and his contribution, we couldn't have given such a big donation to these kids.

As a club we ride, we have fun and we give back to the much better can it get?





April 7th Elections


April 7 Elections seen only 1 change, Kristina Theoret became the secretary for the club, Joel Bernier continues as President, Steve McDonald as Vice President, Kevin O'Connor as treasurer and Sylvia McDonald as Events Coordinator. Thanks to all the members that came out to vote, it was a great turn out.






October 21st 2017 Meet and Greet


Join us at our annual Meet and Greet!!

Passes will be available for purchase along with lots of information about our upcoming season.


Free BBQ


Special guest Tom Adventure Tours!!






Monday November 21st 2016


Get ready to unleash your creativity with this original Paint Nite painting. Designed to inspire your inner artist and unlock your talent with easy techniques, this piece blends beautiful colors with a unique subject you’ll only see at Paint Nite. Pick out the perfect place on your living room wall because this baby deserves the spotlight.


LOCATION: Boston Pizza - Cornwall



5:30p - 7p Artist Set Up

7p - 9p Paint Nite Event

9p - 10p Artist Clean up


Purchase your tickets here









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