If you see an area where the signs or culverts are damaged or missing, let us know. If you notice that trail conditions may be different than what is posted on this Trail Report, or for additional information, please contact an Executive Committee member. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP US

Red means TRAIL CLOSED, Yellow means RIDE WITH CAUTION, and green means TRAIL OPEN.

Southern Trail (Winter Trail Only)

Boundary Rd to McConnel
Behind Subway to CN Tracks
Boundary Rd. to Tyotown Rd
Tyotown Trail to Purcel Rd.
Purcell Rd. to Samuel Street
Sapphire to Rae Rd.
Rae Rd. to S curve on Paragon Rd.
Paragon S curve. to Summerstown Rd.
Clubhouse Trail to Bimbo's Bridge
Pilon's Point, Summerstown
Bimbo's Bridge to Airport Rd.

Peanut Line - All Season Trail

34 km of Old CP Rail Bed, Leased, Groomed and Maintained

Boundary Rd. to CR 34
CR 34 to Quebec border

Cedar Rapids Trail - (Winter Trail Only)

CRT Power Transmission Lines, Leased and Groomed by Glendaler's Club

Huron St. (Glendale Sub) to Summerstown Rd
Sumerstown Rd to Fraser Rd
Fraser to Lancaster
County Rd. 34 to 4th line Rd.

Northern Trail - (Winter Trail Only)

Peanut Trail to Maple Rd.
Maple Rd. to County Rd. 18
County Rd. 18 to Beaupre Rd
Beaupre Rd. to County Rd. 25
County Rd. 25 to 1st of Kenyon
1st of Kenyon to Alexandria